Like in the depth of the sea voluptuous and vibrant waves of colour are stroking tender figures of dancing nymphs, which might be the ideas of thoughts before they are born, those which live outside ourselves like in a state of grace.

lt is the light that enforces the colour in Wiegele‘s work, a light, sometimes bright and soft and sometimes of heavy tones, but always the subtle chief character of the movements of the soul described by this Carinthian artist with his romantic disposition.

A whirl-about of reds, yellowish blues, blacks, liRe the colours that associate with the vital rhythms and mark the surfaces creating a sort of charismatic handwriting.

Edwin Wiegele composes his work setting the sensations and transferring them onto the canvas. The cosmic sense of human nature can be seen in the artist, who describes lt in its complexity, translating lt into an infinite series of forms which move without stopping in the vital texture that supports them.

Wiegele‘s communication is a visual one, that does never deeline to superficial, decadent or oppressive, even in the extraordinary immediateness of his painting speech he always succeeds in being elegant and refined, spontaneous and without useless patting.

From the structural point of view in the work of the artist the cyclic characteristic of the tasty rhythms of dances soaked with a Schubertian ligtness becomes evident.

Furthermore symphonies of personalities are flapping, now represented in the way of an adagio musicale, then whirling in an alle gro appassionato.

His is a work supported by the solar light, which filters and concentrates the weft of colours. But might the colours, determined by a specific number of vibrations, not have the same harmonic or discordant relations as the sounds?

Indeed, by means of the described forms, the artistic musicality of Wiegele‘s „Improvvisazionf‘ becomes evident, because his search is one that does not stop in front of the visual appearance, but enters the secret things, which pass from the psychic energy on to the physical one, in order to reach the womb of the „mother earth" in an endless garne of forces.


Dr.FrancescaRomanaRossi,  Laboratore2       ArtGallery,Udine